Jun 28, 2012

9 Days

Todd and I went to the Village earlier this week!  It was a good break from the wedding work and planning.  It was lots of fun, and nice to just stop thinking about the celebration and spend some time with the reason for the celebration :)

And what adventure would be complete without a Superman logo? ;)

Not to say that all of the wedding planning has been bad, or that I am no longer excited about the wedding itself... but earlier this week it grew harder to be excited, and much easier to be frustrated and wonder why elopement wasn't more seriously considered.

It's been fine, really—but when Mom is stressed, Katrina is stressed!  So a day with Superman was great, and good timing because mom was in "recovery" from panic mode and feeling much better.  And then, suddenly I was feeling better too!

I can hardly believe that in less than 9 days Todd and I will be married, it has come so quickly (though, I confess, sometimes I have wondered if it would ever come!).
I'm excited.  The kind of excited that you feel right before you start at a new school, or maybe a new school year.  The excitement that brings butterflies to your stomach as you try to imagine a very different life.  The kind of nervous / sad that comes from leaving home and my comfortable routine, the constant presence of my mamma and the place that I have always known.  The excitement that brings a slight flush when you think of living in a new home, finding a new schedule, job and general way of life.  The kind of excitement that happens when something you have been waiting for for a long time is coming closer and closer, and the number of days are counted in a single digit!

It's going to be new, it's going to take some adjustment, some patience (and if I know myself very well), it's going to a lot of growth and forgiveness. But I am excited, and God will help us through the tough times that we will encounter.  I wish I could say everything that I am feeling the way I want to... I am a little nervous about the change that is coming, but I am also very excited :)

The kind of excitement that comes when I can almost, almost say that I am the wife of Superman :)


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Britney said...

AHHH! i can't wait to see youu! You will be one beautiful bride! <3