Aug 2, 2012

Newly Married—How Does It Feel?

Almost everyone that I have come into contact with the past 3.5 weeks have asked me a few questions that are becoming as familiar to me as my nose:  "What it is like being married"? or "how does it 'feel' to be married"?

It's so hard to answer this question—my life was transformed, in a sense, within a few hours—but in so many other ways it is still the same.  I love being married and being with Superman as much as I could ask for.  I still love being with our families and being at camp, and I am still on the job hunt (formally starting soon).

I have moved once again (still largely in the process or exiting my parent's abode, thankfully they are both helpful and patient) and am just now adjusting to my new living situation.  We were at camp the first two weeks after our honeymoon, which was a lot of fun, but that means that we're only now figuring out what it will be like to be "home" together (and still not while working full time).  I love being home.

I love that this is my house (that Todd corrects me when I say "his" apartment) and that Todd allows me to re-organize and make it more my own.  I love that I am more comfortable here every day.  I love it when we just laugh together, when we're praying together and even riding quietly in the car together.  I love making dinner with him and going for bike rides and teasing him and being teased.  I just love being married to Todd.  And I'm not going to tag "so far" on the end of that statement and just kill it—it won't always be easy, but we're working towards keeping it strong, and with God's help I trust that I will continue to love my husband more and more each day.

"My Husband"... still tastes a little weird coming out of my mouth, but I'm pretty fond of the title.

So how does it feel?  It feels great!  Still strange at times, and I am feeling very tired still after all of the activity of this year, but it really has been great.  And we're learning along the way, but with God's grace, grace from each other and a sense of humor, the learning periods are good too :)


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