Aug 2, 2012

"Kissimmee" Honeymoon

Our honeymoon was spent in a condo in Kissimmee, Florida

The honeymoon was the perfect balance between scheduled fun (Epcot for a day, ocean visit, ect.) and hanging out at the condo and in the pool.  I loved it.  Really, the first day as Man & Wife was wonderful, and the next day was even better, and the next? Better still!  Not every day or moment has been visited by cloud nine, but I still enjoy his company more.  Even little things, like racing to get chocolate from the fridge for example :)

Some things that we have learned together:
—Todd hasn't cried in... well, years.  I make up for that in full.
—A sense of humor is very important
—Katrina has a lot of clothes.  Todd has more.
—I now miss Todd at meals if we don't pray together
—Nerf gun wars are a good way to take a break from school work / "thank you" note writing
—Chocolate and desserts come to those who are newly married (woo-hoo!)
—Fighting about if you're fighting or not is... well, fighting (we haven't done this, but I've acted out the scenario with a friend and it was hilarious)
—We both spread out in piles as we work
—Creamy peanut butter is best, but Todd loves crunchy.  We have both.
—Prayer is powerful and extra good after / during a misunderstanding
—Katrina is messy in the kitchen, aprons are worn daily
—Pizza is best recovered with a giant spatula (in my opinion)
—Weekends book quickly unless we are extremely careful... we're still learning to be careful
—I love him more every day
—A surprise SHMILY note means more to me than I ever would have guessed (more on that later)

See? Giant spatula = win



Hillary said...

I'm so glad you are doing well :) I love the SHMILY story! and WHERE can I GET a GIANT SPATULA?! haha :D <3

Britney said...

i'm glad you are doing well my dear! I love seeing you so happy :) We should chat soon! i miss youu! <3