Jul 17, 2009

Hi. I'm New and Clueless

My tale commences before work, when I was politely informing my mother that I was not looking forward to working the register on Saturday.  AT ALL. Because I have had this awful feeling that my manager is going to throw me in front of the horrid foreign object and say: "if you mess up, you're FIRED!" But thankfully I don't have to worry about that until Saturday, right?


I walked in today and my manager calmly enlightens me on my unexpected, and inevitable doom. Basically a CVS down the road was short a cashier and because the other members of our store did not want to go, I was obliged to rescue the sister store with my lack of experience. I was already brainstorming my final words to the living when he assured me that he was not going to send me off until I had practiced the register.  I had 1 hour to perfect the alien machine before driving to the #1 store in our area, hoping to provide some sort of "help".
If only I had been granted the promised hour!!! After about 30 minutes, my manager returned and informed me that it was time for me to leave (WHAT???).  I’m pretty sure that I had an uncontrollable twitch by this time, however I was not about to say “no” to my new boss.
So after receiving the location of my final resting place, I headed toward my car. As soon as I start the car--after unlocking it and buckling up of course--I call my mom in a panic, and to give her my last testament.

THANKFULLY!  Right as I was pulling out of the parking lot, my manager called my cell phone (that I was trying to call my mom with) and shows mercy on me.  The manager at the #1 store had found a replacement and I was off the hook!  I pulled a hasty U-turn and almost flew back into my store.  After that I was able to successfully avoid the cash register--that is, until tomorrow...

The picture is from my first month at the Arborshire.  I was avoiding homework and eating chocolate--the usual.  Unfortunately, as an art student I am not physically able to eat M&Ms like a normal human being--but it's more fun the way I do it!

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