Apr 12, 2009

Little Bit of Me

I thought I would put a real post up. One without artwork - if I can even do that - where I share a little about what is going on in my life.
My freshman year at Spring Arbor U is going really well - I am so thankful for the wonderful friends that God has given me. I have worried about finding strong friendships at college on and off throughout high school. I shouldn't have worried (2 Chronicles 20:17), I have not been alone through any of this - and I did not have to fight any battles by myself. Not only did I have my mom a phone call away but I had friends and leaders helping me every step of the way. I have been so blessed, and each person that has been placed in my life has come to my rescue at some point or other!
As this semester is beginning to close (5ish weeks!) the stress is beginning to take over. All of the unimaginable projects, papers and tests that our professors threatened us with at the start of the semester are finally becoming a reality. And I am always surprised with how much worry I can create in myself. Although the next few weeks are going to be really tough (beginning tomorrow actually...), I am sure that I will survive! haha However, my main concern is receiving excellent grades so that I can keep my academic scholarship for next year.
Thank heaven for Chapel and Bible study! Chapel is my one break on Mondays and Wednesday (up at 7 and going full speed until 5 - then dinner!). SAU chapel is just wonderful, and I don't know what I would do without it! Even though some of the speakers are not as satisfactory as others, they still have a good message to share. And the worship is just amazing!
Bible study is another break for me. I have one with my floor on Monday nights and another with my Core group (Pure Awesome Core 12!) on Tuesdays. I love these, not only because I am able to study my Creator and what He wants for me, but the fellowship is SO important to me! I sometimes want to explode after doing homework for hours and I need to be around people! I feel very close to both my floor and my Core group and I am not worried about opening up when I struggle or stumble. I love it! But sometimes I do worry that I get on everyone's nerves because I talk so much!

It is now time for bed (my love for sleep never dies). I head back to SAU tomorrow afternoon. I only hope that I can quickly get my butt in gear so that I can complete each task that I have to accomplish over the next few weeks.

ps. I couldn't resist the photo - my RA is growing rather famous for the number of fish she has killed over the past few months (8 or 9 fish spent their final moments on Gainey 3rd South). So when I saw her fish in the bathroom I couldn't help but leave her a little note =)


SiSi said...

sweetness!! loved it!! wish i could'v seen u today!!!

alex said...

great to get a update on your life (your art it great too:)

it seemed like the art majors didn't sleep for the last several weeks of each semester, hopefully you'll be ahead of the curve

Ms.Lo said...

This was a great post -- would love more like these (but keep the art work coming, girl!)

Love you!!