Apr 29, 2009

Value Project

So this is my latest painting for 2D design. We each picked a photo and had to paint a simplified version of the photo - we were only allowed to use 7 different values and there was absolutely NO blending! (I was disappointed about this)
On top of that, we had to create a mirror image of the painting that we created, and it had to be in the negative - so that each spot that was white would be black in the mirror and vice versa.
I spent my entire Easter Break working on this piece - it was rough and took many hours! haha, but it did pay off because my Professor (Shaw) left me a few good comments on it and placed mine on the board!
I did get an "A" on this piece but was really excited to have it on the 'Work of the Week' board!

End of Semester SHOW piece!!!

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Ms.Lo said...

You should probably edit your post to say that these are PALM TREES, not flowers!!

This is my second fave of the semester! I love this one and I think I know where I'm going to hang it after the show.

Love you!!