Mar 6, 2011


For my Graphic Design 3 class I had to make something in InDesign that incorporated my weakness.
Phooey. So this is the result: a tri-fold brochure. For someone who also dislikes feet, this piece is challenging. I have no idea how it came across—but I suddenly had a heading (that I didn't use...) and the brochure was in process!
Feedback? Please?
I am not too thrilled with the current heading (center left), but I didn't get any comments on it (good/bad) during the critique and didn't even think about it... hmmm


Ms.Lo said...

I don't have a designer's eye, of course, but I love everything about this.

Diane said...

I love it too - the subtle footprints in the background...nice. The footprint in the sand is cool too - and the waves at the bottom.

I'm not sure about the title the one on the right side with the lines above and below the text.

Keep this - you can use the layout again when you're hired to do a quicky-brochure!

Chocolate Lover said...

Thanks for the tip Diane! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your feedback