Mar 19, 2011

Master Author

For my devotions this year, I am reading through "My Utmost for His Highest", by Oswald Chambers. Daily little snippets of simple, yet profound concepts about living the faith and giving everything over to Him. Even if I've "heard it before", Chambers is bold enough to put an extra sting to my shortcomings, and I'm finding myself challenged every day.
I would very much suggest it :)
God has been using it—as He uses everything else, but this rather specifically at the moment. I have found the very topic that I am frustrated with, I am excited about, or that I am musing over within my readings for the day. I love how God works! Not only that, but it also somehow connects with my other readings for the day, and with the sermons and conversations that I undergo throughout the week!
I can't imagine how He manages to work everything out—it is crazy how He is able to spin so many things together, to intertwine lives and encounters so carefully. I am in awe of how vast His abilities are. I can't even imagine trying to organize all of that for ONE person's life—let alone, for the entire world.
I'm so glad He's in charge, and I am not. Though I find myself resisting stubbornly sometimes, I am so thankful that I can lean comfortably in His powerful, compassionate, and loving arms—and allow Him to lead me, to teach me, and to help me to become the woman He longs for me to be.

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