Mar 11, 2011


Photoshop is one of my least favorite programs. I know everyone loves it, but I guess I would rather not work with photos—I'd rather draw! Anyway, for this project (better image coming soon...) I was forced to work with a weakness. So out of my many photoshop weaknesses, I selected photo manipulation. I found a tutorial and worked from there.
Target audience wise, my roommate has a beautiful voice, and she has always wanted to work with and encourage young girls who struggle with body image and are trying to trust fully in God. It's a great mission :)

My classmates suggested the texture in the background. I'm still unsure about it and will probably mess with it a little more, but this is what I turned in for my midterm. I thought the crinkled paper might be a little too cliche, but maybe not...
Feedback? :)


Hillary said...

Wow I think this is really cool KK. I love the purple and teal colors :) The crinkled thing is cool too. I like how you have just her eyes on the back as well :)

Diane said...

I think its cool - I like the colors too. And I love how you have Emily in all caps, no color (just outline) and then the scripty last name over the top of it.

You are very good with fonts.