Feb 28, 2012

Tape It, Attractively

Conversation in the studio today:

Melodie: "This is the bad tape... and it's called 'Tape it', hah!"

Beej: "That's silly, it should at least stick then"

Me: "I'm going to make a tape company one day...
...I'll call it 'Attractive'..."

Melodie: "Attractive...?  Because it is attracted to things! hah, I can promote it for you in all of my classes.  I'll tell my students: 'Just remember, if your tape isn't attractive.... then...?"

Me: "...then your work won't be either"

Watch out people: future career = CEO and Art Director of artist tape company
Catch phrase: "If your tape isn't Attractive®, then your work won't be either"


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