Feb 14, 2012

John 15:9

So, today is Valentine's day.
Time for the CLASSIC and totally PREDICTABLE post on the annual V-day.
Cue bragging (sorry y'all)
About a week ago, I got a package from my daddy :)  Chocolate covered strawberries!  Yummy :)  I've enjoyed them slowly—sharing... occasionally, lol.  Finished them off today

Today, I completely forgot about Valentine's day, until I stepped out my door on the way to the bathroom (tmi, I know) and sleepily noticed a small note with a chocolate sucker on it from one of my dear housemates :)  very sweet, and the card was darling.
Now, off to class—to find this lovely rose and a note from my forever valentine—I mean JESUS of course ;)  With the help of Melodie, He reminded us how loved we are, making the class period much more enjoyable

 The rest of the day went pretty well—I got a "Happy Valentine's Day" text from my Supermanman after he got out of school :) He later sent me a text to vent about yucky homework, only to call me a few minutes later... to ask where I was...?
"Wait...? Where are YOU?!"
 Yep, Todd came all the way to the Arborshire to see me, and not just that—he brought me an entire vase of CHOCOLATE! And not just any chocolate, Reese chocolate—yummmmmmy

Not at all what I expected to happen today, but it was so great—thank you to everyone who gave me a hug or provided encouragement.
And of course, day was MADE when I got to spend a few hours with my very favorite young man :)  A very, very good day.


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