Feb 27, 2012

Motivation Before the Show

In exactly one week, the show will be hung.  And I will finally be done matting, framing and taking care of it! YAY
If you haven't seen the progress of this experience, you can see the old state of my list here.  After some help from my wonderful hubby-to-be (aka Superman) last week, the daunting to-dos has experienced some progress!  Here is the beloved list in all it's tattered, saturated blue/green ink glory:

The black lines are there because they have begun cutting some of my pieces—I have too many now that there are 4 people in the show :(  It was rather frustrating, but there are now some pieces that I don't need to try and finish, so that's alright with me!

So, so, SO close!!!
I can taste it—let's hurry up and finish!


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