Feb 10, 2012

Doodles in Chapel

We had a pretty good chapel speaker today.  Really challenged us to get out of our comfort zones, and to get the idea that the "mission field" is only in the wilderness out of our head—Urban ministries is a mission field that is just as noble.  Christians are constantly on the mission field.  This is not our home, and we should seek to share with people whenever there is an opportunity!  We should live intentionally, and be open to what God can do in our lives—He's a tricky one :)

Anyway, he had a very interesting face... kinda sad and... old :)  I loved it, so I drew him 3 times (caricatures each time), haha
Not that he wasn't good, I actually really enjoyed listening, he had a good sense of humor and  some great stuff to say—but he also had a great face.

Obviously, I drew this one over my sketches on type layouts for my art show poster... oops!  Enjoy


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Emily Smith said...

ummm i wish i could "sketch" that good!