Jun 14, 2011

Camp Surprises

Well, it's been a crazy few days.  I don't even know where to begin.  As of Saturday (i.e. day before I move in / day of brother's party), I was switched to a slightly different position at camp.  Instead of being the traditional counselor, I am now co-directing the new program: the all summer day camp.
So now my responsibilities have doubled as I not only have to care for the children, their needs and interests while they are here, but I am also coming up with lesson plans, creating a schedule for each day, back up plans in case of rain or other set backs (more on that soon), communicating our plans and needs to the other staff members, themes for each week, and take home material for the parents (thankfully with the help of 2 other people—soon to be reduced however...).  Needless to say, it's been a rather prayer-full last few days.

Very dependent on God.
Very experimental.
Very on our toes.
Very tired.

We came up with the majority of this week's schedule on Sunday night—it was the first time that all 3 of us had a chance to get together with our bosses and talk over our plans (and fill me in on what was going on!).  We expected about 4 kids the first day—not bad, we could start off easy and get into the grove of things.  Small, but totally do-able.
Monday morning came—pick up time is from 7-9, and by 7:30 we had our first child!  Yay!  Filled with excitement, some nerves and anticipation, we eagerly awaited the other children.
All of whom didn't show up.
So we had a very different kind of day, but it went well overall.  We were able to delight in him and get used to our new schedule.
Today we doubled our number of campers: A grand total of two.
More fun, but now getting kinda discouraged...  but it will get better when more of the schools are out—we are expecting quite a few more in two weeks if not before then.

Only expecting two again tomorrow, and rain.  Well, pray for some creativity this week as we strive to show them how fun camp is despite some limitations :)
(oh, and I'm leading the lesson / "story time" tomorrow—extra prayer towards that would be much appreciated.  Pre-planned teaching isn't exactly a talent that I have really worked towards...)

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Hillary said...

Wow what a change! Will be praying for you love. What a great opportunity.