Jun 3, 2011

He's a Wit

I spent quite a bit of Tuesday evening in deep thought.  I really have been blessed in so many ways, but there is always a time when the reality of money (or lack-thereof) will cause me to muse—and not necessarily in a good way.  The frustrating part is when I have nothing to do in order to earn money, and have made endeavors to continue making money—like earlier this week for instance.  I had contacted all of my clients for my while-not-at-camp summer jobs, and did not get a single bite.  Nothing.
So after talking it over with mom, I took the college loans, the upcoming bills and all other fast approaching expenses and I told on them.  Yes, I told God on them—it's His battle to fight, not mine.  I spent that evening in prayer over the high priced demands on my life, and soon felt better about it.

The next morning (Wednesday) I checked my Arborshire Email to find some unread message—holding my breath, I secretly hopped that they were from my clients, but alas, they were not.  In fact, they were all from the school.
So I skimmed through the weekly announcements, few of which applied to me now that I am not on campus and clicked through other writings—only to stumble upon an Email from the Student Development office.  Oh, how nice.
I had received an unexpected grant for $1000!!!  "Please reply if you would like to accept."  Is this a trick question...?  Umm, yes, I would love to accept the grant!
I had filled out an application for the grant in April and had completely forgotten about it—I had no expectation of getting it, so after I wrote the essays and sent it in, in completely slipped my mind.

Yes God, you are very funny.  Letting me sit and think and think, just waiting for me to hand it over lock, stock and barrel before telling me about this.  So funny ;]

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