Jun 21, 2011

Relays Gone Rogue

While planning our schedule last week, we were informed that the beloved 'swim time' was not going to be available for Monday.  Not that we're really attached to the 10am swim routine, but we were informed that we couldn't go on the water at all on Monday—not morning or afternoon, for either swimming or boats.
Not okay!
The campers love being in the water, and as a campground, that's one of the biggest perks that we have to offer to them—not to mention, it's pretty easy on us to just play around in the water, or to sit on the beach and keep an eye on them.
But we planned some water relay games to do instead.  We figured that they would still be getting wet that way, and it could be fun—right?  I think the Becca and Stacy joined me in being a little unsure about the activity.  Not that it wouldn't be any fun, but that it wouldn't quite measure up to the fun of the beach and sand.  And did I mention that it was overcast and gross outside?  Cuz it was overcast and gross outside.

But oh! We had an absolute BLAST!  We started out with the relays, and though we had about 6 planned, we only did the first 3 and a water ballon toss before ambushing them with water balloons and sponges filled with water. It was the most fun I have had in a while!  Dripping wet and screaming, we ran around the field, dodged between picnic tables, and tried to get everyone else as wet as we were!  SO much better than the lake!

I don't have any pictures of the fight, because I was quite busy getting my campers wet and trying not to get hit by another bucket of cold water—but I will add some photos of my war wounds soon.  While giving a hug to a dry friend (who dumped a bucket of water on me!), we tripped and fell on the cement.  We weren't hurt very badly, but I've got a few scrapes to show off now  :)

Oh, how I love counseling!

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