Jun 15, 2011

Three for Three

Today started off rather slow—but a slow pace that I needed.  The majority of the drop off time was spent without any kids, though towards the end I started to fear that we wouldn't have any!
Day 3 brings 3 kids (if this pattern continues, we shall soon be too full to function!).
And despite the cold, we have been able to have some fun today.  We built sand castles on the beach and played some on the playground before roasting hot dogs over a fire for our "fun" lunch of the week.
We're currently enjoying some down time—though it is becoming clear that the personal quiet time (PQT) is more for the counselors than the kids.  Oh well, we'll stick with the theory that it's good for them! haha

One of the funniest things of today happened right when we got to the beach.  Head Lifeguard proudly displayed all 700 layers of long sleeved shirts, her pants and her hat and informed us that she was still cold.  Once we got onto the beach, the oldest boy, Adam, requested to take the swim test that would allow him to swim in the "shark" zone (deeper water).  He hasn't been interested the past few days, but he really wanted to this time.

Nikie looked at him in stunned disbelief.  In order to give him the test, she would have to go into the water herself—something she had no desire (or intention) of doing.  The rest of us busted up laughing while poor Adam was entirely lost and Head Lifeguard sputtered her refusal.

It was super funny

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Hillary said...

haha Great Story!