Jun 9, 2011

Shipshe, Italy, Parties and Camp

Oh my, it has been quite a week.
The annual girls trip to Shipshewana was this week, so Grandma, Mom, Sister and I packed up the car and met one of our Aunts and Cousins in Shipshe for Monday and Tuesday.  It was great to hang out with all of them, and to just share stories and laugh together!  But it was HOT.
I mean, smoking hot.
The first day we spent largely in the air conditioned shops around town, in the fabulous restaurants (yay Amish food!), and in our hotel room.  But the second day was spent at the flea market, and we cooked.
It was 97* when we got back into the car.
But it was fun anyway—we always get a good laugh over some of the things around the flea market, but the strangest thing we saw this time was people walking around with bundles of sticks.  Tons of people walking around the flea market with their little bundles of sticks.  Why? We haven't the slightest idea!  It was buzzar.  We're starting to get used to the little unbrella-hats, the Asian dollar–store booths full of junk, and the ... interesting clothing selections available.  But the sticks are beyond me.
As soon we came back, I was greeted by the lovely Hillary!  She was in Italy for a while and stayed with us for a few nights until her parents were able to come pick her up.  So that was great, we were able to catch up nicely :)
But no rest for long!  We are getting ready for Blond Brother's graduation on Saturday.  LOTS of cleaning to do for that.  And I leave for SBC on Sunday, so I need to start packing if I'm going to spend all of Saturday hosting.

This is one of those times when I wish I was the type of person who could pack quickly instead of needing to think everything through 10,000 times.


Britney said...

I love that you used the words "smoking hot!" That is so something i would say :) I can see i have taught you well...lol!

Hillary said...

hahaha Burtney made me laugh :P