Jun 20, 2011

Quotation Marks

m Oh, how I love working with kids—they say the best things! haha
Here are some of my favorites from week 1 and 2, hopefully more to come :)

Week 1
"Rubbish" — Adam
"I'm allergic to girls" —Jack
"We used the other-different-kind-of-baby-turtle-food" —Brandon
"It's not the 'Amazing Race', it's the 'Handsome Race for all Super Heros and Princesses'" —Jack
"We hugged for longer than 7 seconds, that means it was a real hug" —Allison (which explains the death-grip around my neck...)
"You dot to be tidding me" —Tyler ('you've got to be kidding me')
"Baa" —Ben ('bye', said like he's from the deep south)

Week 2
"Why can't you talk right?" (Brandon to Tyler, who doesn't say his 's's)
"Are diamonds poisonous?" —Tyler
"I'm dur-ty, I nee a dink" —Tyler (no, not 'dirty', but 'thirsty')
"Is this for fake?" —Brandon
"I'm going to wear my cow girl clothes every Thursday..." —Lindsay
"Reach for the sky" —Jack

There were so many more, but my lack of preparation caused me to slide on the whole "write it down so you remember" thing, so this is all I have right now

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Ms.Lo said...

Love these! They sound darling.