Jun 30, 2011


Oh, kids say the best things!  When you take the time to enjoy them, it's really entertaining to hear all the things they say—and what they actually say, not just what they mean (though that's important too)!

"Do you remember when you used to call me Brandon?" — Brandon
"Can I have a knac?" —Tyler ("snack".  I had no idea what he was talking about!  When I finally got it, Stacy and I laughed for a good 5 minutes)
"Your 'rudolph' isn't brown anymore!"  —Brandon (Poor Stacy scrapped her nose last week.  Brandon noticed that it is healing nicely)
"I'm gonna twickle you!" —Micah
"Bel-bow" —Ben ("elbow")
"Those Poopers!" —Tyler and Brandon (they call the geese 'poopers' because, well, they poop everywhere!)
"Why dows it tay 'no tish watching'? —Tyler (why does it say 'no dish washing')
"I'm trying to get a sun burn!!" —Tyler (he was laying on a beach towel and we told him it looked like he was getting a sun tan—Rose came by and asked what he was doing and this was his response)

ps. photo of me taken by the lovely Emily before I got to ride the ZIP LINE for the first time!


Ms.Lo said...

Love the kid quotes! And I hate to tell you that you look like your dad in this pic -- he makes that face.

Emily said...

ps. you're the nicest:)