Jun 17, 2011


Well, yesterday was Day 4 and we had 4 campers.
Today we have officially reached the esteemed Day 5 and were joined by 5 campers!
This has been great so far God, but don't get too carried away now...
But it's been great—we're working with our own schedule, so the great thing is that we can spend more time on what they love (or need, like nap time), or we can spend less time on something that they don't have as much fun with (or we don't have enough people for...).  And in the end, it's just really neat to be in this position!  I could live without the 6am wake up, but the quiet time in the morning is kinda nice.

T-man—shown in the bottom picture with the shell he found—is learning to say "please" and "thank you" this week.  He's getting pretty good at it :)

Our most loyal camper's favorite word is "rubbish".  Everything is either "rubbish", or "better than that other rubbish".  Haha, it's pretty funny.  And we're breaking through to him—he was refusing to admit that he was having fun (responded to everything with "eh" when not using "rubbish"), but yesterday we caught him saying "yay" about our next activity! hahaha, victory is sweet!  He also started reading the Bible we gave him‚ which is really exciting!  Praying that it continues :)

Our theme this week is "Treasure", with the theme verse being Matthew 6:21 — "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also".  So we have spent plenty of time finding God's treasure—both in nature and with the people that we meet—and we are seeking after His treasure by treating His creation well.

The other counselors are finally back—I'm so glad!  Even though we don't get to see them very much, it's nice to know that they are there, and to at least see them at dinner again.

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